• Movies
  • 2020
  • 00:43:12
  • Web Films

Audio Languages: Hindi

We seek innumerable things in our life. But the most common of all is reciprocation. In LOVE. An ultimate validation for all. But once a seeker is always a seeker. Shekhar moves on till he meets his match, ROMIL. An exact replica of Shekhar inhabits and characteristics. Romil explores a new dimension of feelings in Shekhar making him believe the real meaning of love. They are just perfect together. It’s truly said TILL DEATH DO US APART. What’s left to see is the nail-biting finale as “All that glitters is not gold”. “TILL WHAT EXTENT CAN A PROPOSAL SEEK REVENGE”

Cast :

  • Chirag Bajaj

  • Charlie Chauhan

  • Ayyaz Ahmed

Crew :

  • Madhur Agarwal