The Bonker

  • Movies
  • 2020
  • 00:34:47
  • Web Films

Audio Languages: Hindi

A story about extreme human tendencies to seek their thrill, urge, and desire. Tarun, a man who has it all. Business, success, and a wonderful wife, Trisha. But he lacks the element of thrill, a trigger that will turn him on. He has been visiting a psychiatrist for help but nothing works till one day their conversation leads to a solution. A unique one that too. The game of endless possibilities which will reinvent their relationship to another level of love, their sick minds had planned for as EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE &WAR! “TILL WHAT EXTENT CAN INSTINCT BE DANGEROUS IN LOVE”

Cast :

  • Shishir Sharma

  • Rachel White

  • Gireesh Sahdev

Crew :

  • Madhur Agarwal