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Amit Chatterjee and his three children, Mamta, Rana and Raja lead a blissful life and make a happy family. Rana is a college student whereas Raja works in an government office, which is plagued by corruption. Rekha and Sabitri Devi fall prey to the corrupt practices of the government officials. Raja rescues them by marrying Rekha. On the other hand, Sumi who studies in the same college as Rana has a modern way of thinking and has a quarrel with Rana. Arun Chowdhury, father of Sumi is conservative. He smells an oppurtunity here and marries off Sumi to Rana so that Sumi cannot venture abroad to other so-called developed countries or the western world. Both the brothers are hard working but Raja has to face pressures from his wife, Rekha and to meet her demands he gives in to the habit of taking bribes but is eventually caught. This incident takes a toll on their mother like sister, Mamta. On a parallel track, Rana has been successful in establishing a factory and is able to purchase a car, the long cherished dream of the family. But clouds of gloom lulls over them as the grief strucken Mamta dies. It is only then that Rekha, realises her mistake and Raja mends his ways after serving a jail sentence. They start a new life together.

Cast :

  • Prosenjit Chatterjee

  • Soumitra Chatterjee

  • Rituparna Sengupta

  • Tapas Paul

Crew :

  • Swapan Saha