• Movies
  • 1965
  • 02:06:17
  • Popular Bangla

Audio Languages: Bangla

Ektuku Chhoa Lage is a story about two friends, Anil and Tapan, who love each other more then themselves. Anil (Kishor Kumar) is a struggling music director and Tapan (Biswajit) is a struggling story writer. They meet Anita (Azra),a rich girl, who has run away from her house as she does not want to marry the person of her mother's choice.The two friends life change after that. They get a job in a theatre where Anita starts her career as an actress.They become good friends. But slowly both Anil and Tapan start loving Anita, and Anita starts loving Tapan. But when Tapan comes to know that Anil loves Anita he become confused. In the due course of time Anil also comes to know that Tapan loves Anita. Both Anit and Tapan want to sacrifice their love for each other .Anita understands their dilemma and asks Narahari Das, the owner of the theatre, to marry her. When the two frineds come to know the news of Anita's marriage they don't understand Anita's sacrifice and misunderstand her. But gradually they realise their mistake and start searching for her. When they meet Anita, the confusion remain unreoslved and both the friends think that Anita should marry the other. To clear the confusion Anita returns to her own house and agrees to marry the person of her mother's choice. Finally Anil comes to finish the confusion and takes a drastic step.He introduces one of his college freinds as his new married wife to both Anita and Tapan. While they come ot know that Anil has got married they decided to marry and in this way Anil successfully sacrifices his love to save their love and friendship

Cast :

  • Kishore Kumar

  • Padma Devi

  • Kanu Roy

  • Moni Chatterjee

  • Biswajeet

Crew :

  • Kamal Majumder